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article imageAfghan Poppies to Get Herbicide Spray

By KeithLDick     Dec 10, 2006 in World
I doubt this will have much of an effect on all the crops that have already been harvested but at least it's a start...
he top U.S. anti-drug official said Saturday that Afghan poppies would be sprayed with herbicide to combat an opium trade that produced a record heroin haul this year, a measure likely to anger farmers and scare Afghans unfamiliar with weed killers.
Umm, "Anger" I'm willing to bet it will Anger them...
John Walters, the director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, said Afghanistan could turn into a narco-state unless "giant steps" are made toward eliminating poppy cultivation.
"We cannot fail in this mission," he said. "Proceeds from opium production feed the insurgency and burden Afghanistan's nascent political institutions with the scourge of corruption."
Umm Dude your a bit to late...
At the news conference Saturday, Walters tried to emphasize to the largely Afghan media members in attendance that spraying was perfectly safe. He said the herbicide glyphosate -- sold commercially in the United States under the name Roundup -- would be used, and that it was a safe and common weed killer.
He said the U.S. uses glyphosate to spray marijuana plants in Hawaii and that it's also used against coca plants in Colombia.
"We are not experimenting on the people of Afghanistan," he said. "We are not using a chemical that has a history of questionable effects on the environment."
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