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Do I have to leave a tip?

By malzie2006     Dec 8, 2006 in Lifestyle
Bad restaurant experiance!
Is it a law that I have to leave my hard earned money as a tip for sucky restaurant service? Tonight my family went to dinner, at a local 'family restaurant'. Was asked where I'd like to sit, "smoking or non-smoking", I chose smoking. Well, it was full, so we got sent to the banquet area(with the idea that it was smoking), we were seated and before I could say something about the elder woman hooked up to an oxygen tank, the hostess dissapeared, never to be seen again. Like I am going to light up there. lol. Then The waiter we had looked to not know anything, about anything. Got our food finally, about 45 minutes later, I had a simple meal, "The House Steak" WELL DONE!! Guess what wasn't well done? How can cooks mess up WELL DONE? Long story short, I ate last, while the rest of the family ate their dessert.
How many times has this happend to everyone? So many, that my husband and I have a system, cuz you know that waiters and waitress share tips with staff, (alot do anyway), IF, the service is great from start to finish, we leave a $10.00 tip (for sometimes a $10.00 meal), and IF, the service is sucky from start to finish, we stand up (talk to the manager if we have too), Pay our bill and leave.
Look, no one knows how hard times are more than I, but, the money I do have to spend on dining out, will not be wasted on undercooked 'house steak', poor manors, poor servers, or a crappy time doing so, didn't even get my after I eat smoke. UHGGG!!
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