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article imageCool, Surprising and just Plain Scary: 51 Futuristic Uses for RFID

By Chris V. Thangham     Dec 8, 2006 in Business
RFID is just not for supplies monitoring only, there are so many unique applications it can be employed for our daily life.
RFID is being used in numerous applications, from tracking items along the supply chain to monitoring the whereabouts of kids and the elderly.
RFID is going to be a big source of the industries from now on. Like any nascent industry, it has its problems but I am sure it will be worked out soon. Some of the applications RFID can be used are as follows:
• The Road Beacon System - Tags in Highways
• Electronic car security - Check this Canadian Couple who have implanted RFIDs to access Homes, Cars and Computers with no keys.
• Tracking car assemblies
• RFID-assisted indoor navigation
• Floors that guide the disabled
• Replacement for the postage stamp
• Item-level tagging
• Computer access through remote controls
• Monitoring geriatrics
• Smart medicine cabinet
• Wander-proof bands (for Alzheimer Patients, so they don't wander off, even for Sleep sickness this can be used).
• SurgiChip
• Administering medicine levels
• Monitoring critically ill patients
• Quarantining in hospitals
You can see more uses and more detailed explanation in this article. The future looks bright with these features.
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