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Couples can now exchange bone rings

By Iamseven     Dec 6, 2006 in Lifestyle
Couples are being given the opportunity to exchange jewelery made from samples of their bone grown in the laboratory.
The scientists extracted the participants' wisdom teeth to get at a sliver of bone that attaches them to the jawbone.
They then dissolve the bone mineral and extract the bone cells to go into the lab.
These are fed with nutrients and grown on a "scaffold" material called bioglass, a special bioactive ceramic which mimics the structure of bone material.
Eventually, the technique could be used to grow large bits of bone for people with cancer or who need bone replacements.
Pretty original, no doubt.. I don't know if I'd ever want to have a ring made of my bone, but it's exciting to imagine a future when bone could be grown in a lab for people who need it.
What about you guys? Would you ever consider something like this?
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