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article imageIs There Any Proof that Wi-Fi Networks Can Make You Sick?

By Chris Hogg     Dec 2, 2006 in Technology
If you can't see it, you should be afraid of it. With everything going wireless, people are becoming increasingly afraid of waves emitted by Wi-Fi access points. But can they really make you sick?
The short answer is no (sorry to be anti-climatic). Well, sort of "no."
According to a recent Q&A article from The Guardian, The World Health Organization and the National Library of Medicine databases show no proof that Wi-Fi networks can be harmful. But there is a twist: The “no proof” part is because there haven’t been any concrete scientific studies.
After the recent news that British author Kate Figes was getting sick because of Wi-Fi, many accused her of making it up. So now science is taking a look at the validity of these claims.
Some scientists now say Figes could have what is called "EMF sensitivity" which is a reaction to electromagnetic fields. (Funny enough, there is no proof that exists yet either, as studies are currently underway to separate the fact from the fiction. Confusing yet?)
A team in England is now working on a project aimed at finding out if people can actually be sensitive to mobile phone emissions. The two-year project is now in its closing stages (Check out this link for details on what the tests involved).
"We're just in the process of doing the analysis of the data," researcher Stacy Eltiti told the Guardian. The number of participants “should give us enough power to tell what symptoms are relevant to mobile phone base stations.”
With hopes of getting the study printed in a scientific journal early next year, researchers are tight-lipped about the results (as they all are close to the time of publication).
But, as The Guardian mentions, “that doesn't mean they've found a link; scientific results can be negative, and indeed, one of the most important scientific papers of the 19th century, the Michelson-Morley experiment produced a negative result.”
So until results are known, stop swatting at the invisible wireless waves bouncing around your office. You're more likely to fall and hurt yourself than get a headache from a phone call.
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