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More ads on Canadian TV and less time-shifting

By KeSera     Nov 28, 2006 in Lifestyle
That would be the future of Canadian television if networks have their way as the CRTC reviews its policy.
Canadian networks currently have 12 minutes per hour that they can use for advertising, but that includes promos for US shows. In order to increase revenues, Canwest Global wants to be able to use the full 12 minutes for ads and not include US promos, whereas CTV wants to eliminate the limit altogether.
Networks are also asking for compensation from digital cable and satellite providers who allow time-shifting. CTV says that it will look into stopping the practice if not compensated for it.
"The weakening advertising market will make it impossible for conventional broadcasters to advance the commission's goals for original Canadian programming, including local programming, HD programming, drama, etc. The future does not look promising if conventional broadcasters continue to rely on ad revenues as a major source of funding," he said.
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