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article imageBomb in Goverment building????

By kinda2cool     Nov 24, 2006 in Lifestyle
A protestant man forced the Security of Stormount, goverment builing in northern ireland to be evacutated, after he tossed a bag into the building and said it contained a bomb during a debate. Police could not confirm if he was telling the truth so they evauated the whole building and two security guards pinned the man against the wall and the police later arested him. The suspected reason for what the man done is that he disliked a part of the goverment(Sinn Fein) saying they are ''murders''. Also the man was caught trying to spray the walls of Stormount earlier that year. He also killed three people at and I.R.A (Irish Republican Army) mans funeral in March 1988 and he was paroled from prison in 1998.
Irish laws are very soft.... what do you think??
How long do you think a man should get for taking three lives??
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