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By Viga Boland     Nov 23, 2006 in Lifestyle
How far will parents go to make their child famous and, will their efforts pay off?
The Jon Benet story brought the beauty pageant scene to a whole new prominence and not a very pretty one. Many parents gut-reacted and pulled their kids out of the pageant scene. But things have simmered down since and the beauty pageant scene is still alive and well with eager parents hoping their beautiful child will one day become famous via winning beauty pageants.
Does it work? Well apparently Halle Berry and Eva Longoria have beauty pageant success in their history. But is that what brought them ultimate fame?
Parents continue to enter their kids in this and that, and like 8-year-old Madison's parents, even sell up and move to further their child's "career". Not that that's new: remember LeAnn Rimes folks selling their home so they could pay someone to make her a star...and it worked.
Fame seems to be on every young person's brains these days, helped along by American Idol and reality TV. Personally, I find beauty pageants for young children rather loathesome as they are being taught at a very young age to value looks above inner beauty. What do you think?
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