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article imageBlack Holes

By BrendanL     Nov 21, 2006 in
Those things in space
Have you ever wondered what a Black Hole is? Well, it is made up of weird matter and in a black hole. there is so much gravity that not even light can escape it. It is impossible to see a black hole but you can see gases and stars being sucked into a black hole (the gases and stars make a ring like seen in the picture). Scientists have created theoris such as, if one were to be able to pass through a black hole and survive, they would either travel into the past or future. Other scientists say that if you survive through a black hole, you would enter into the fourth dimention. None of these have been proven yet but if you were to be in a black hole, you would have been instantly killed. A second in a black hole is much longer than a second on Earth. I hope I have taught you more about a black hole and remember, the next time you decide to take a vacation and go to space, beware of going too far because you might be sucked into a black hole with gravity zillions of times stronger than the gravity on Earth.
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