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Hope I die before I get old

By Post Junkie     Nov 18, 2006 in Lifestyle
Hope I die before I get old
Okay maybe it's ageist but I think the Rolling Stones still touring is ridiculous. Why don't the just go be old men somewhere? How old are they anyway? Ancient. I'm surprised that none of them have broken a hip yet. I know Keith Richards almost killed himself being bonked on the head with a coconut or something like that.
I think there should be a mandatory retirement age for rock star just like there is for airplane pilots. After a certain age, it just becomes ridiculous. I'm with Grace Slick who said she thinks it's kind of a pathetic for a 50 year old to be out there jumping around even if that 50 year old is her. Rock stars should maybe be able to do a couple of acoustic concerts a year for charity while sitting on a stool with a symphony behind them. I don't think that's unreasonable.
My husband thinks it's okay for the Who to tour because he likes them but not for the rolling stones because he can't stand them. How can the Who sing "hope I die before I get old". They are old and only a couple of them died. The survivors are sell outs. Keith Moon lived up to the lyrics. I don't know how old he was when he died but I will say it was before he got old. Then there was the Entwistle who died of an overdose when he was like 60 at the Hard Rock in Vegas. How rock and roll is that? You would think if you're still doing drugs when you are 60 you would have figured out when to stop. I guess not.
So are you ever too old to rock? I'm trying to think who the oldest act I ever saw was. Probably the Grateful Dead in the early 90's. I don't know how old they were then and I still had fun so I guess that defeats my whole premise here.
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