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article imageWeb fuels crisis in Politics - UK Government Advisor.

By TheCesspit     Nov 17, 2006 in
A political strategy advisor to Tony Blair, Matthew Taylor, bemoans how the internet is fuelling a crisis in the relationship between politicians and their constituents. The blog, he says, creates shrill demand without solutions.
While this is a UK political advisor, what he says can be related to other countries. Matthew Taylor is the currently leaving his job, so he gets a chance to say whats on his chest. He sees the web maturing, and being a useful communication tool between the appartus of government and the people, but he also goes on to attack the latest revolution in the web: The Blog.
"[Blogs are] generally speaking, hostile and, generally speaking, basically see their job as every day exposing how venal, stupid, mendacious politicians are."
He makes some interesting points in his interview, on how people can act ike teenagers, wanting solutions without compromise (more environmentally friendly policies, but no taxes on their fuel, more housing for their children, but no expansion of their towns), and he might be half right in saying that some political blogs are negative. But to me, a lot of this argument is attacking the people, and blaming all the short comings in politcians on those who vote for them.
Perhaps if politicians weren't so stupid and hypocritcal at times, din't speak in soundbites for their own re-election and got on in the engaging with the voters (which is often talked about, but rarely done), they'd find there was less people attacking them. Dialogue to a politician often seems to nothing more than a verbal fist fight and stance versus stance, not about understanding the issues and then representing the people.
But I'm just blogging, and therefore part of the problem...
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