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article imageGamestop threatened to fire employees who buy PS3

By bobSP     Nov 15, 2006 in
"At my store its not “asked” that you wait you are made to wait!!! We were told that anyone buying a PS3 on the 17th will be fired and the person ringing them up will be fired also."
Not to mention all employees were automatically moved to the BOTTOM of the list. So I said”What if I quit ,can I get my PS3 then?”NO!!! The DM said I was employed when I reserved it so NO.
Apparently they are being told, not asked, not to buy the PS3. This is just crap for those employees who reserved a PS3 before some of the other customers. Seriously though, aren't they customers too? Even those people who asked if they quit would they get their PS3 were told "NO! You reserved while you were still an employee!"
Not cool.
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