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Women Get Horny Just as Quickly As Men

By Digital Journal Staff     Oct 3, 2006 in Lifestyle
Digital Journal — Remember the supposed truism about women taking longer to be aroused? It’s all hogwash, according to a new Canadian study.
Women become sexually stimulated as quickly as men, even if the long-standing theory says the opposite. In a study at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, researchers found that both male and female participants reached peak arousal within 10 minutes of watching pornography.
The innovative study used thermal imaging to detect blood flow to the genitals. Previous studies used probing instruments, like an invasive tampon-like tool inserted into vaginas. But McGill’s thermal imaging camera measures temperature changes in certain body parts and relays that information to a computer for analysis.
How does this scientific discovery affect us? Couples need not follow the blind assumption that women take longer to be aroused and require more foreplay. Men should realize the right kind of sexual stimulation will excite women, and they can no longer rely on an old theory for an unsatisfied partner.
Women can take this study to heart by opening their minds to various stimuli, such as pornography. While it’s mainly regarded as a perversion (and a common Internet pastime), pornography has been proven to stimulate the female libido very quickly, proving how this visual excitement can titillate the most rigid of mentalities.
The full report of this study will appear in the January issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.
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