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article imageSodom, Gomorrah Crack Down on Workplace Porn

By Skippy the Magical Racegoat     Sep 27, 2006 in Business
File this under: “Say, That’s a Little Ironic…”
In Nevada and California, officials have stamped, sealed and delivered a set of laws against downloading porno at work.
In Nevada, viewing pornography at work is now grounds for immediate dismissal, whereas before you had to go through a few hoops to legally say those three magic words: “You’re Fired, Pervbag.”
Nevada, of course, is home to countless peeler bars and half-nude cabaret, lounge, and circus acts. Oh, and not to mention legalized prostitution. One has to wonder if the same stringent rules will apply at the Baloney Pony Ranch, or wherever it is people go to get their state-sanctioned jollies.
Meanwhile, in California, porn fiends who befoul their state-owned desktops with shameful, shameful boobs can be fined up to 1,000 smackers. The bill, called AB 546, is currently sitting on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s no doubt porn-free desktop.
As you all know, the Governator presides over a state where porno is a billion-dollar industry. Arnie (who recently praised all Latinas for being “very hot,” appeared nude in a gay stroke mag back in the ‘70s, and ran against “Boobsville Sorority Girls” star Mary Carey for the actual governorship) has also been toughening up legislation against child pornography lately.
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