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article imageI Bask in the Glory Of a Man named Sorkin!

By Hipster1     Sep 25, 2006 in Lifestyle
I am left with one thought as the credits begin to roll,
I have just finished watching the second episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and am clearly floored by it... There isn’t much I can say except how spectacular it is. To be fair, I am a huge Aaron Sorkin fan, from The American President, to Sports Night, to the West Wing he is the foremost Screenwriter in Television today and without him I think that the art or entertainment would be out the door.
He brings this irreverent attitude to what he writes as if everything and nothing are important at the same time. I have twenty years under my belt being Catholic (Just being Christian isn’t hardcore enough for me I need the dark cynicism of the Catholic church) I sit there and I listen to them talk about crazy Christians and I am left with nothing to say except that he is right and that I want to hear more I need to hear more! It is Classy, and smart without taking itself to seriously and that has allot to do with the Cast
Bradley Whit ford & Matthew Perry are the dynamic duo of primetime TV and with a cast rounded out by such names as Amanda Peet and Timothy Bustfield the show pops with energy and spunk the likes of which I haven’t seen in quite awhile. I will never forget sitting in my college dorm watching West Wing Marathon Monday for the first time on Bravo and getting Chills hour after hour thinking about how I wanted to write like that show and act like the actors on the show and create like Sorkin because it was the best show on TV bar none!
But that show is gone, leaving a hole in my heart so large I never thought I would look at TV the same way and then… I started hearing about Studio 60 (then studio 7) it made me anxious to have to wait as long as I did but I finally pirated and pillaged to I found a copy of the show on the internet for me to watch and I did, everyday until the show came on the air last week… I had to have watched the Pilot 30 times and never stopped loving it and tonight I waited for hours to see if it was all for nothing, if all my love would be pushed away…
It Was NOT! The show was as perfect as it could get and I am dying for this week to be over already so I can see next weeks episode… Go and find a way to watch it because believe me if I have hope that really means something!
In Omnia Paratus,
Dan the Hipster
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