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Dear World: Chill on the Irwin Worship

By Skippy the Magical Racegoat     Sep 22, 2006 in Lifestyle
Here's a brave and brilliantly argued article about our maudlin celebrity-mourning culture.
Sorry about the indirect link, but I'm having trouble uploading the original URL (probably the question mark).
Rob Lyons' last paragraph says it all, doesn't it:
"Irwin’s death was tragic. It is also tragic that ours is an increasingly mawkish and morbid culture, where individuals can often only feel united in response to someone’s untimely passing."
It's sad because it's true. Listen, I think the guy was a charmer just like everyone else, but the public outpouring over Steve Irwin's death has been nothing short of mawkish. I couldn't believe how many people showed up at his eulogy — I don't think Princess Di got such an enormous reception.
And for no reason other than the fact that he's famous. Don't tell me it's because he was a "great guy." There are many great individuals out there, but when they kick it, they don't the kind of gushing that this broad-accented croc-wrassler is continuing to get. It's solely because he was "on the telly" that makes people feel he was an integral part of their lives.
Know who else died this year? Solange Fernex. Another great ecologist. French, but don't hold it against her. She was 2001's Nuclear-Free Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and an important campaigner for environmental causes. You haven't heard of her, mostly because she didn't do anything as ostentatious as grapple with man-eating reptiles.
You sure as hell won't see 1,354 hits on YouTube for "Solange Fernex tribute," as you would with Steve Irwin. Seriously? 1,354? Don't you think there have been enough tributes by now? Is that your contribution to world culture, being the 1,354th poster of yet another (no doubt heartfelt) tribute to a dead celeb?
Come on, people. Get it together. A little collective mourning is fine, but we've got other stingray to fry.
The world is a mess. Let's put our energy and emotion to better use, okay?
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