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article imageShops engage the senses in order to entice buyers to spend more

By W. Mark Dendy     Dec 12, 2013 in Lifestyle
Those simple tunes sometimes looped and often referred to as “elevator music” or “background music,” are heard everywhere and can be either annoying or uplifting.
The stores and shopping malls are packed for the holiday season and what better way to put shoppers in the mood to spend their hard earned cash or run up their credit cards to the limit (which they will no doubt later regret) than to play holiday music.
It all began in 1934 with a company was formed to provide music to businesses to “enhance the customer experience.” The company was Muzac, and if you have ever been placed on hold on a telephone or ridden in an elevator, or sat in a dentist chair, there is no doubt that you have heard music “piped” in by Muzac.
The Wall Street Journal reports.”Many stores start sprinkling holiday music into their mix starting in late November,” but also notes that “playing too much 'Jingle Bells' too soon can prompt a backlash.”
But there are more senses to engage than just the ears. The old adage, a picture is world a thousand words, comes into play as stores engage the mindless shoppers with colorful displays often coordinated with the music. However, it doesn't end with audio and video.
Since Mood Media purchased Muzac in 2011 they have sought to revolutionize the retail shopper's environment. Not only does Mood Media provide music, video displays, lighting and signage, they use scent technology as well to keep shoppers in the mood.
Mood Media says that ambient scent is second only to music in “completely transforming a space and eliciting fond holiday memories – as well as slice through the chaos of everyday life to immediately relax and attract customers.
While the innovative company provides more than 1,500 fragrance options, there are 16 Christmas time favorites that range from “Candy Cane,” available as cool mints, peppermint, spearmint and vanilla, to “Spiced Winter,” a combination of sugar glaze and spicy cinnamon.
So the next time you are out shopping, and you just cannot seem to resist the urge to shop until you drop, rush to the nearest exit and get a whiff of the fresh air .
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