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article imageDrumPants: You can have a whole band in your pocket

By Mike White     Dec 11, 2013 in Technology
Imagine you're camping, and the urge to sing strikes. You may be by yourself or with family, but you didn't bring your guitar or harmonica. If you have DrumPants, you can play more than 100 sounds or instruments. You can even compose.
As CNET points out, you may be one of a lot of people who have tried to make music by tapping or drumming on your legs. You probably never dreamed, however that doing so could enable you to have a full band with 100 different sounds available to you.
With DrumPants, you will use wearable sensor strips that can be attached to a jacket, pants, a shirt, skirt, dress or any clothing and be removed easily. While you are wearing the strips, your clothing will be a mobile instrument.
"We want to give everyone the ability to create and capture music whenever inspiration strikes, even if you're on a bus, hiking Yosemite, etc.," the creator of DrumPants, explaining why their invention was created.
The system has a control box that enables each sensor to be programmed to play more than 100 built-in sounds. Some of the sounds in your mobile instrument could include pianos, guitars, synthesizers and, of course, drums.
You can even use a looping pedal built into your shoe. That's not all. Notes and signals can be transmitted from your device to any application that supports OSC or MIDI.
Co-founder and inventor Tyler Freeman originally created DrumPants as a prank. He went on to further develop the technology, however, while obtaining an MFA in digital arts and new media from UC Santa Cruz. Freeman has previously worked as a freelance software developer for Adobe, the Smithsonian, Google and BandPage.
"I'm a drummer, my friends are drummers," he explained. "I see people who are drumming on their pants all the time, on their steering wheel, and I figured they should be able to make real music that way."
A few years ago a British teenager created jeans that could be used as a drum kit and won an engineering award.
After being on Kickstarter for only a day, the DrumPants project has raised more than $6,700. The goal was $35,000, and there is still a month to raise the full amount.
For $89 one can receive a DrumPants set that has six sensors, a control box and the DrumPants app. For $129, an early bird pledge, one can have six sensors, the DrumPants app, and a control box with Bluetooth.
DrumPants can be used with headphones or an external speaker. The system can be programmed to silence a phone or control Web sites and slideshows.
Maybe the next time you may start your PowerPoint presentation by tapping on your pants.
According to, you could even use your DrumPants to perform live on stage. You can also access the application from any website with JavaScript API. Almost any browser could be used.
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