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New caffeine powder gives coffee haters a new way to get buzzed

By Tucker Cummings     Dec 10, 2013 in Food
When most people want a caffeine boost, they reach for a cup of coffee or tea. But now, a new caffeine powder called CaffeinAll is giving people a new way to add caffeine to any food or drink they choose.
This odorless, tasteless powder comes in containers that dispense a pre-measured "shake" that contains about 33 mg of caffeine. The powder is quite cheap, with one "shake" costing about 10 cents.
Don't have too liberal a hand when shaking the powder over your cornflakes or orange juice. According to FoodBeast, diners should not exceed 300 mg (or nine "shakes") of the powder per day. Minors, pregnant women, and people with heart problems are advised to abstain from using CaffeinAll.
The risks of caffeine over-consumption are all too real. Earlier this year, a man in the UK died after eating too many caffeinated breath mints. The man's death caused an outcry against caffeinated products, with some people arguing that caffeinated products should be sold behind the counter to prevent overdoses. Other side effects of consuming too much caffeine can include vomiting, depression, anxiety, and an elevated heart rate.
CaffeinAll is manufactured by Caffex. Demand has been so high that Caffex is out of stock of their new product. A message on the company's website advises consumers to check back on December 12, when new inventory of the powder is expected to be in stock.
CaffeinAll isn't the only unique caffeine delivery system on the market. Earlier this year, a spray-on caffeine was developed that can be absorbed directly through the skin.
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