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What the psychics predicted for 2012

By Alexander Baron     Dec 9, 2013 in World
Self-styled psychics and clairvoyants often claim to have successfully predicted this, that and the other, but how do they fare before the event?
Another year is nearly over, and many people are making predictions, including politicians. Those in power are telling us that things are getting better if only we will wait. While those in opposition are telling us things will get better once we have a change of government.
We can all make predictions that come true — including you! Try this on for size, next year:
there will be a major earthquake
a serial killer will be apprehended
an attempt will be made on the life of a controversial politician
a famous actor will die...
All the above will almost certainly come true, but it is one thing to predict an earthquake, it is quite another to predict the state or even the country at its epicentre, and the day it happens.
The recently departed Sylvia Browne was infamous for making wildly inaccurate predictions, including the murder of the still very much alive Amanda Berry. This deterred the true believers not one iota, but before you shell out your hard earned dollars for a personalised horoscope, check out some of the predictions made for 2012.
This page full of them was captured by the Wayback Machine on January 19 that year, so there can be no question of wisdom in hindsight. Furthermore, the "leading" psychics therein have had a whole extra year for their predictions to come true. How did they fare?
We begin with LaMont Hamilton. Here are three meaningful predictions:
"Accident seen around U.S. President Obama as he trips or falls in the early months of 2012." - Only in the polls.
"An Iranian revolution is seen before late summer, where spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei or President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are removed from power." - No, the charismatic President of Iran served two full terms then went back to civvy street.
"China loses its reputation as a world financial leader after clashes with protesters begin over economic reform and foreign investments start to fail." - Wrong again, just the opposite, in fact.
Here is Judy Hevenly:
"An Emmy Award for Anderson Cooper TV talk show." - Cooper had won this award in 1997, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011, so it wasn't pushing things to suggest he might win in 2012. He didn't.
"A baby boy for Kate Middleton and Prince William." - Young married woman has baby, hmm. Not last year though, but she did get the sex right, so half a point for that.
Gold hits $2,000 an ounce; oil, $130 a barrel. - Gold did not make $2,000, while oil peaked at $105.42.
"Breakthrough in the cure of Lyme disease." Wrong again.
"Power outages in Paris, Las Vegas, London, New York, and Los Angeles." - Probably the odd power cut here and there, there was a very short local one in Sydenham this year, but nothing major in any of these cities.
There are many other "psychics" who made predictions for 2012; if you have nothing better to do, you might check out what they said would happen against what actually did happen. Chances are that bar the odd lucky hit their results will look much the same. As they did for the previous year and every year before that, and for this year. And as they will look for next year, and every year beyond that.
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