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article imageOp-Ed: Rebecca Black releases follow-up to 'worst song ever'

By Gene Kosowan     Dec 8, 2013 in Entertainment
Remember "Friday?" Pop singer Rebecca Black is back with another day-of-the-week descant that's sure to draw more notoriety, scorn, and satirical copycats galore.
Published appropriately on Saturday, the video, "Saturday," easily vaulted past the three-million mark after less than a day on YouTube.
So far, reaction among YouTube respondents has been mixed. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't hate it..." remarked one commentator. "What do you do when you can't think of another song? Recycle ideas from the last one," wrote a more cynical viewer.
To be fair, "Saturday" is arguably a catchier descant than her day-of-the-week predecessor, and Black does poke fun at her initial success.
The bulk of the setting aludes to a "Friday" sequel with an apparently hung-over Black stumbling across a living room of cadaverous eye candy that obviously hosted a wild party the night before. Scenes are rampant with jocular references to her pedestrian lyrics in "Friday," some scribbled on the side of a cereal bowl, the sands of a beach and even the forehead of a passed-out slacker.
As far as the lyrics of this four-minute offering are concerned? Well, they're hardly Tolstoy, or Timberlake, for that matter. Strewn with teenybop phrases like "we gonna party all night" and "it got too crazy," the content is annoying enough for serious English majors to scurry to their grammar texts.
Of course none of this matters, especially when Black laughed all the way to the bank in 2011, when "Friday" went viral, after critics worldwide declared the piece to be the worst song ever. She received nearly 30 million YouTube views in less than a month, landed appearances on late-night talk shows and even won the Fox network's Teen Choice Awards in the web category.
So far, she seems to be on course to challenge the viewership supremacy of "Friday." And for dedicated fans and other gluttons for punishment, she still has five more days of the week to document.
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