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article imageFrench prisoners doing the Harlem Shake launches probe (videos)

By Anne Sewell     Dec 6, 2013 in World
Just when you thought the whole Harlem Shake craze was over, videos have appeared on YouTube. One of them shows French prison inmates enthusiastically doing the dance. Authorities are investigating how this could have possibly happened.
There were actually two videos published to YouTube. The video above was posted on November 21st and was titled "Harlem Shake Gangster D-Ter." It shows prisoners with their faces covered dancing in the prison hallway. One is brandishing a stick, another a chair. One disturbing still in the video shows a masked man holding what looks like a gun.
Apparently the video was taken using a smart phone, and had the usual music track added later, giving the impression that the video was not uploaded inside the prison, but by someone on the outside. They even have their very own YouTube channel Gangster D-terTV.
According to management at the Montmédy prison the second video, possibly the most worrying of the two, appears to be of a prisoner who is a member of the "Gangster D-Ter" gang (he reveals his T-shirt to the camera), wearing a prison guard's jacket and apparently smoking a joint.
A conversation was recorded on the video between the inmate, playing the part of the prison guard, and an unseen cameraman, who is presumably a fellow prisoner.
The Local translated the conversation as follows:
Cameraman: "What are you up to there?"
Inmate: "I’m not doing searches today."
Cameraman: "Ah, you’re smoking a joint?"
Inmate: "I’m f**king the prison administration."
Cameraman: "But they’re the ones who pay you."
Inmate:"So what? So they pay me, those sons of bitches"
Cameraman: "If all the guards were like you, prison would be great."
The story hit the French media on Tuesday this week and the videos have now started going viral.
According to authorities at the prison, an administrative inquiry is in progress to find out how these videos were able to happen. Reportedly phones of any kind are forbidden among prison inmates in France.
Prison authorities told the local newspaper, Est Republicain (French language): “This inquiry [will relate to] inmates, as well as to any guards implicated," adding that this is not the first time recently that prison authorities in France have had to face questions about security measures in their prisons.
According to the New Observer (French language), prison is like a mini-society, and it is possible for inmates to get hold of anything they want, such as alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or weapons, and it seems, smart phones.
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