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article imageThe perfect Christmas gift for ‘Breaking Bad’ fans

By W. Mark Dendy     Dec 6, 2013 in Entertainment
Albuquerque - It began in 2008 with a pilot that drew 1.4 million viewers to AMC. "The Breaking Bad" series starred Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a 50 year old high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.
Walt formed a partnership with a former student Jessie Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul). Jessie was involved in the illicit trade of dealing methamphetamine.
The odd couple started cooking meth in an old Winnebago and built a blue crystal meth empire over the course of five seasons. The final episode aired on September 29, 2013 and attracted 10.29 million U.S. viewers.
The series became an addiction to many with plenty of novelty items to fuel the “high” while waiting for the next episode. Now, just in time for Christmas there is a new Breaking Bad oddity.
No, it’s not a tree ornament. It is a timeless Blue Sky Snow Globe that provides “a fond look back on Walt and Jesse's humble beginnings.
“What better way to show someone you love them than with a snow globe that shakes blue crystals onto a Winnebago in the Albuquerque desert?” says the Laughing Squid.
The Blue Sky Snow Globe is a great gift for any fan of the popular series; the glass globe requires no assembly nor mixing of chemicals.
Sold exclusively by Firebox, the glass orb is a “nostalgic portrait of Walt and Jesse's humble beginnings.
Sitting in the center of the globe in a tranquil desert scene is Walt and Jesse's “unassuming recreational vehicle.” But pick up the globe and give it a shake and you will “transform this placid scene into a blizzard of drugs, money and violence.
The only thing that is missing — Walt's pants flying through the air and landing on the RV's side mirror.
Firebox notes: ” Doesn't contain real meth crystals” because you never know what people are thinking!
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