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article imageReligious right condemns Al Franken anti-bullying amendment

By Gene Kosowan     Dec 4, 2013 in Politics
Washington - The leader of the Pray In Jesus Name lobby group claims Sen. Al Franken's proposed measure to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students will actually encourage more bullying of Christian children.
Right Wing Watch reported on Tuesday that an email circulated to members of the religious organization by pastor Gordon Klingenschmitt claims that an anti-bullying measure in Congress will lead to the sexual molestation of children.
The email attacked Franken's latest push to include LGBT citizens in the Student Non-Descrimination Act back in June. It also aludes that the proposal backed by the senator, who is Jewish, was akin to a Nazi manoeuvre.
“Franken’s ‘No Child Left Unmolested’ amendment will teach your kids to violate your Christian values, and like the Brownshirts teach your kids to report YOU as a hater or bully, if you fail to endorse homosexuality as normal," stated Klingenschmitt. "Is there no end to their depravity?”
Klingenschmitt also clains that the Franken's measure is part of a gay agenda to transform the country.
"He deceptively campaigns it will stop bullying, but actually it bullies your Christian kids and teachers, removing power from parents and school boards, by threatening to withhold funds, if they refuse to teach kids that sin is normal," said Klingenschmitt. "Al Franken's Homosexual Classrooms is next, recruiting your kids against your beliefs."
The organization's response hasn't been the first time Franken, who spent two years fighting to include LGBT stipulations into the bill, has been under fire. During her ill-fated run for the Senate in 2012, Republican candidate Heather Wilson mocked the senator's legislation for "criminalizing teasing" and punishing children for having a contrary opinion about homosexuality.
Franken has frequently stated survey results revealing nine out of ten LGBT students suffer from bullying and more than one-third of them have attempted suicide.
"No child should dread going to school because they don't feel safe," said Franken. "Our nation's civil rights laws protect our children from bullying due to race, sex, religion, disability, and national origin. My proposal extends these protections to our gay and lesbian students who shouldn't ever feel afraid of going to school."
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