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Op-Ed: Fake Heartbreaks in the news

By Alexander Baron     Dec 3, 2013 in Entertainment
Isleworth - The word heartbroken can mean many things to different people. Sometimes it may be something entirely frivolous, other times not so.
“We are all Romeos looking for our Juliet, but never finding her.” That is one of many quotes and sayings for the heartbroken, and is attributed to Rae Hacton, with that spelling.
Fortunately, it is not always true. The second in line to the throne has done rather well for himself, and it seems most unlikely that his marriage will go the same way as that of his parents.
And not every man is a Romeo seeking a Juliet. One of the big non-stories of the week so far is that the undeniably handsome, charismatic and "fit" Tom Daley is most definitely not seeking a Juliet.
Over in Britain's longest running soap, businesswoman Carla Connor is setting herself up for yet more heartache. For a strong, independent woman she has certainly had some terrible luck. Her first husband died in a car crash; her lover was murdered by one business partner, she was raped by another, and now she is about to be betrayed by her next husband before she walks up the aisle.
Of course, being a fictional character, her trials and tribulations are not to be taken too seriously, but talking of trials, just how much credence should be given to the claims of Charles Saatchi that he was "heartbroken" when his wife Nigella Lawson left him? Doubtless most readers will recall what happened earlier this year, and how Saatchi was seen grasping her by the throat outside a London restaurant. Mr Saatchi was testifying at Isleworth Crown Court at the trial of two former personal assistants who are accused of ripping off him and the former Mrs Saatchi. Their defence is that they were allowed to run up exorbitant bills on their staff credit cards in return for keeping mum about Miss Lawson's drug abuse. Even though he is a prosecution witness, Mr Saatchi has been going along with this claim.
Without wishing to say anything to prejudice the ongoing trial, look at the woman pictured above. This photograph was taken in December 2011, one month to the day before her 52nd birthday. Whether or not she has had a facelift or two, whether or not she uses botox, whether or not this snap has been photoshopped, ask yourself one simple question, is this the face of a woman of 52 or of any age who has shoved cocaine up her nose daily for the past ten years? Before you answer that question, check out photographs of the much younger D List "celebrity" Danielle Westbrook and the even younger Kerry Katona, whence the truth will be revealed.
Charles Saatchi would have the world believe his now estranged wife was and by inference still, is a raving cokehead, but then what does he know, have you seen the sort of garbage he calls art? Okay, he chose one genuine oil painting, but he flogged that, or throttled it; now he is left with a warehouse full of junk.
Sure Mr Saatchi was left heartbroken, of course he didn't really assault his wife, why else would he have accepted a police caution?
Mr Saatchi is obviously well aware that revenge is a dish best served cold; he is just as obviously forgetting though that Miss Lawson is an accomplished chef. At the end of these proceedings, whatever their outcome, it is he rather than she who will be left with egg on his face.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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