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article imageReview: 'The Walking Dead' shocks and awes with intense mid-season finale

By Cameron Christner     Dec 2, 2013 in Entertainment
WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! The amazingly successful zombie drama "The Walking Dead" lives up to its high standards with a spectacular mid-season finale.
Oh, where to start! The Governor is dead along with all but a couple of his group, Hershel - may he rest in peace - is dead, poor baby Judith may be dead, and how can anyone forget the freakin' tank tearing apart the prison?
Even being hailed as the "best episode yet" by many fans, the episode, entitled "Too Far Gone," ended with many questions answered, while at the same time raising dozens more.
What's amazing about this particular finale is the way they can completely tear apart everything, and yet set the show up for even more drama, as the pieces of the broken group struggle to reunite.
After all, there are now about seven or eight separate groups, with many people injured, scared, and the group as a whole fragmented and without the relative safety they cherished while living in the prison.
It will be interesting to see if that six month period of peace will have a noticeable effect on the group's capability of survival. Have they become fat and lazy, sitting behind their high walls? Only time will tell.
But what truly makes The Walking Dead unique is its social commentary, the theme of which was certainly not lost in this finale.
We saw Rick reach out a hand of friendship to an old and bitter enemy, offering to give him and his group what they really wanted - to survive. However, the Governor's insanity quickly puts an end to the moment of hope, but just the fact that Rick can reach out like that after everything that has happened shows the change that he has experienced, as well as the continued survival of humanity among the survivors.
That is the true struggle in this apocalypse: not simply to survive, but to retain one's humanity, no matter how desperate, or how hopeless the situation seems.
Overall, a can't miss episode, and a fitting end to the Governor's reign of terror, as well as a thought-provoking setup for the next half of the season, which we all hope will continue to bring lots of zombies, surprises, and pure awesomeness.
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