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Man throws money at Black Friday shoppers and then gets arrested

By Owen Weldon     Dec 2, 2013 in Crime
Bloomington - A man who says he was just trying to spread holiday cheer ended up being arrested on Black Friday for "making it snow" dollar bills onto the heads of Mall of America shoppers.
The man, 29-year-old Serge Vorobyov, 29, of Apple Valley, Minnesota, was filmed in the act, according to Gawker. In the video Vorobyov can be seen dropping $1,000 singles from the third floor of the mall.
According to CBS, Vorobyov was then arrested by police, who charged him with disorderly conduct.
A spokesperson for the mall said that Vorobyov's antics could have caused a major disruption, and people could have ended up getting hurt.
According to Huffington Post, Vorobyov said that he wanted to pay it forward after going through a rough year. He said that he hoped the positivity of throwing money at people would come back to him.
He went onto say that he is currently going through a divorce, lost his business, and he even invited his estranged wife to the stunt, but she did not show up.
The bills that were being thrown were stamped with Vorobyov's YouTube address, as well as his Facebook page. He said that he wanted the publicity because he just wanted his cat back from his estranged partner.
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