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article imageMugger apologizes for 30-year-old crime over Facebook

By Cameron Christner     Dec 1, 2013 in Internet
Mugger Michael Goodman apologizes for a crime he committed more than 30 years ago, after finding his victim on Facebook.
After a stupid decision got Goodman arrested, guilt haunted him throughout his life. But finally, he was able to relieve himself of that burden after a one in a million coincidence.
He was looking at a post about a bagel shop, of all things, when he came across Claude Soffel's name, recognizing him as his now much older victim. In a touching post, Goodman apologized for his actions, and after several tense hours of waiting, Soffel forgave him.
The incident so long ago came about when Goodman, a minor at the time, felt the need to impress "some guy" he had just met, to prove that he was in a gang. He mugged Soffel for a bus pass, and in one swift stroke of bad luck, found himself in handcuffs as an undercover policeman caught him in the act. Goodman's father had to come get him, and the incident continued to haunted Goodman throughout his life.
More than 30 years later, a post about the two mens' favorite bagel shop closing down caused an unforgettable reunion neither will ever forget.
Soffel epitomized the whole situation when he said, "Memory is a funny thing, I recognize your name now, as well. So, apology accepted. Interestingly, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to helping other men be the man they have always wanted to be, and moments like this one continue to fuel my faith that the battle may be uphill but so rewarding. Any man who draws a line for himself, 'Today I step forward for myself, my family, and humanity' is a hero to me. So let us now, jointly, put this in its proper place, behind us."
It just goes to the show the forgiving nature of the human spirit, as well as how the Internet, even with all its faults, can lead to great leaps in human interaction and connectivity. Without the magical land we call the Internet, these two men would never have met, Goodman could never have been cleansed of his shame, and no one would know that delicious bagel place is closing down. Seriously, them bagels need to be saved.
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