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article imageGraphic anti-abortion bus doing the rounds in Madrid, Spain

By Anne Sewell     Nov 30, 2013 in World
Madrid - A bus, plastered with huge and graphic images of aborted fetuses, is currently doing the rounds of Madrid's main streets. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform in Spain is trying to get the word out against abortion.
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform in the United States has now opened a Spanish branch. The far-right group now wishes to raise the conscience of people in Spain to what they call a "hidden genocide" and a "massacre."
Jorge Benito, spokesperson for the Spanish group told El PaĆ­s (in Spanish), "Like with the Holocaust or with slavery, people still deny the evidence and say nonsense such as 'unborn babies have no human rights but that abortion is a right.'"
The group's website,, describes the latest initiative as "A project of public education which wants to warn and advise the authentic reality of a provoked abortion" and while the organization does not describe itself as a religious group, reportedly many of the members do belong to groups of faith. They state that, in the name of science, all human life starts at conception. Therefore abortion is a brutal murder of a human being.
The group claims that they "show the truth in a pacific and legitimate way" both on the bus and also on their website in the US. The Spanish website also displays extremely graphic videos of actual abortions.
On the bus itself are featured pictures of fetuses of around 10, 11 and 24 weeks, lying in blood after having being aborted. A photo of the bus can be viewed here.
The government in Spain is planning to tighten the country's abortion law. However, this has been delayed for the time being. Currently the law allows Spanish women the right to an abortion on demand for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, or up until the 22nd week in the case of the mother's health being at risk, or a fetus showing severe deformities.
When this law was passed in 2010, it angered Catholic Church authorities and now has other groups protesting against it.
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