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article imageReview: The strange case of Mark Walcott

By Alexander Baron     Nov 28, 2013 in Odd News
What is the connection between Elton John, the Ku Klux Klan and Newham College? A tutor who has some strange ideas about "gayism".
One of the most bizarre local news stories for London this week was the suspension of Mark Walcott from his post at Newham College. He is said to have made a homophobic rant in the staff room, according to the BBC local news programme tonight.
It was certainly a rant but it remains to be seen if it was homophobic. Or entirely sane. What appears to be the full version was uploaded to YouTube on November 17. It is not one man speaking but a conversion which admittedly Dr Walcott dominates. Is it true that homosexual teachers indoctrinate their students? Unfortunately, it is not simply homosexual teachers who are doing this, as can be seen from the antics of Stonewall and its largely left wing supporters.
At about 27 minutes into the tape, another teacher relates how a student had threatened to stab him, which tends to indicate that gayism is far from the only and almost certainly not the biggest problem faced by this particular establishment. And where exactly does Elton John come into all this? That issue has yet to be resolved.
At just after 31 minutes, Dr Walcott says he doesn't see anything wrong with the Ku Klux Klan. In politically correct Britain, what person in any position of authority would dare to say that, even if he believed it? Certainly no white one, but in case you hadn't guessed already, Dr Walcott is black. Perhaps he should get together with David Duke's girlfriend Patricia McAllister? Like her he believes the New World Order and the Illuminati are major players with subliminal indoctrination and autosuggestion, although he hasn't caught on to the Zionist bankers yet, but give him time. Hey, he's not such a bad bloke, for one thing he's a vegetarian. He's also not bad tinkling the ivories; here he is playing Ladies In Lavender.
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