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article imageReview: is the Google of social media

By Eric Deville     Dec 4, 2013 in Internet
Start-up combines all hashtagged posts on major social media sources into a single feed facilitating social media browsing.
We all know there are way too many forms of social media today, and yet that doesn’t stop us from partaking. Soon after we realize that it only becomes another distraction and often a waste of time. Say good-bye to those days—thanks to, we can now get our favorite content all covered on one feed.
The History of the Hashtag
The hashtag, formerly known as “number sign” or “pound-key”, has become engrained in our culture over the last 6 years. The craze began in 2007 when Twitter enabled us to categorize our groups, activities, thoughts, events, etc. by adding the hash sign (#) before our keyword(s). By simply adding the symbol, the keyword or phrase became a link, and if clicked, tweeters were redirected to a feed of other tweets with the same hashtag.
The concept was one of a kind as well as a great success, leading to other forms of social media soon followed suit. By other I mean all the big ones, including Facebook. The downside to the hashtag culture is that they only link you to posts tagged within the same social network of where the hashtag clicked on or searched for. #FTW (yes, hashtag minus the first a) has the answer to all the hashtag problems. It places all content that has been hashtagged with your search all into one feed. This simplifying site works like a search engine that browses the top social networks with hashtags (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Flickr).
But let’s say you don’t want to scroll through hashtagged items of all the social outlets. Luckily, added the option to filter your search, enabling one to browse through his or her selection of social networking.
The user-friendly interface also makes the browsing experience effortless and much easier than having to search hashtags individually.
For someone who uses hashtags this is a great advantage. The usage ranges from people with FOMO to companies with hashtag marketing campaigns. Even if you aren’t a big hashtag user, it’s guaranteed to come in handy one day.
Hate it or love it, the hashtag is here to stay and something that helps filter the unimaginable number things shared daily is highly appreciated.
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