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article imageMurder and mass murder in the UK

By Alexander Baron     Nov 28, 2013 in Crime
Northampton - Two high profile murder trials were concluded in the UK this week, one of a man with a grudge who slaughtered four members of one family.
Like most compulsive gamblers, Rakesh Bhayani lost a lot of money; in Carole Waugh he thought he had found someone to pay for his habit. She did, with her life. The victim was murdered by Bhayani in April of last year, after which he began to systematically dispose of her assets, having "borrowed" a large sum of money from her during their relationship.
In July last year, it was reported that no less than 5 arrests had been made in connection with her disappearance.
Shortly after that, the police released CCTV of two women they wanted to question. By this time, another arrest had been made but only one suspect had been remanded in custody. On August 2, 2012, her body was found, and the following day, the police confirmed both the identification and the fact that she had been murdered, stabbed. It was revealed also that at least 3 women had posed as her during that time. The following day it was reported that Bhayani and another man had appeared in court facing fraud charges. In November. the two men appeared in court charged with murder, and in March this year, an accomplice pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud. The following month she was sentenced; Julie Witham was ordered to do 140 hours unpaid work during the following 12 months. She had been recruited to impersonate Miss Waugh but had no reason to believe she had been murdered, especially as the card she used had been issued in July 2012, three months after the murder. Other women had also been used to carry out this systematic fraud.
At the main trial, both Bhayani and Khutner pleaded not guilty, although Bhayani admitted helping Khutner dispose of the body, implying that Kutner had murdered her rather than him.
However, when the jury returned from their deliberations, they acquitted Kutner but convicted him. Kutner received a heavy sentence for his part in the conspiracy while Bhanyani was given the mandatory life sentence with a tariff of 27 years.
Although it involved four murders rather than one, the case against Anxiang Du was a lot simpler; this came down to one man with a grudge who settled it by slaughtering an entire family.
Due lost a lengthy court case against the Dings and faced financial ruin. Either out of revenge or because he simply snapped, Du travelled to the Ding family home in Northampton, effected entry, then stabbed to death Mr and Mrs Ding downstairs before going upstairs and murdering both their daughters. After that, he stole their car and called at the home of Paul Delaney, who had become involved in the acrimonious litigation, apparently intending to murder him too. Fortunately for the latter, he was not home, and the following day, April 30, 2011, Du travelled to Paris by coach.
Shortly, his wife reported him missing, the bodies were discovered, and he was named as prime suspect in the murders. In July the following year he was found working on a building site in Morocco, and was arrested.
Yesterday, like Rakesh Bhayani, Du was convicted. The victims' family travelled to the UK, and after the verdict expressed satisfaction, although under Chinese justice Du would surely have hanged. Here, today, he was given a 40 year tariff for his life sentence.
The weight of evidence against Du was overwhelming, but he never denied the killings, pleading guilty to manslaughter by the legal fiction of diminished responsibility. In November 1984, a man named John Lambert was sentenced to a mere six years imprisonment for strangling his three young daughters; his motive was to get back at his wife, who’d had an affair. That was an amazing verdict and an even more amazing sentence, but to persuade a jury to entertain anything less than a life sentence for Anxiang Du would have been optimistic in the extreme.
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