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article imageOp-Ed: How to cure the Knockout Game

By Alexander Baron     Nov 27, 2013 in Crime
The Knockout Game is back in the news, and now one politician in New York is planning to clamp down on its practicioners big time.
This recent report by ABC News interviews both a victim and a perpetrator. The one mistake it appears to have made is the misidentification of the assault by Michael Ayoade on a teenage girl in an East London street. Ayoade was not playing any sort of game but appears to have been driven paranoid or simply mad by drug abuse.
Eight victims in one New York area were all Jewish, and there is some suggestion that these thugs have been playing "Knock out the Jew," but it may just be that attacking a 78-year-old white woman is considered less risky than attacking a possibly armed younger black man who might fight back, as Marvell Weaver found out to his cost.
New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has tried to play down this "game" probably so as not to cause unnecessary alarm. Someone else who is playing it down for other reasons is Tariq Nasheed who says the entire phenomenon is a myth. Click here if you want to hear him rant for over an hour.
Leaving aside this and the psycho-babble of Dr Jeff Gardere — who also appears in the ABC clip - one politician has come up with a solution. Jim Tedisco wants teen perpetrators to be charged as adults and sentenced to up to 25 years. That may sound drastic, but like last December's horrific gang-rape in India which has seen four of the perpetrators sentenced to death, a Draconian deterrent or simply the threat of one may be enough to stamp out this madness before anymore innocent people are killed.
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