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article imageStudy: Fish oil fights prostate cancer

By E. Hector Corsi     Nov 27, 2013 in Health
A new study shows that supplementing a low fat diet with fish oil can help fight prostate cancer. Eating lots of fish also produced a 63 percent reduction in prostate cancer-specific mortality.
Several lines of evidence point to beneficial effects of fish and fish oil supplements against prostate cancer.
A new study was recently conducted by William Aronson of the UCLA Department of Urology and his colleagues and shows that supplementing a low fat diet with five grams of fish oil per day can reduce pro-inflammatory compounds that are associated with cancer. The low fat, fish oil protocol also lowered the cell cycle progression (CCP) score, and this is beneficial because a lower CCP score means that the prostate cancer could be prevented from becoming aggressive. Men with clinically localized prostate adenocarcinoma were divided into two groups, and followed different protocols for four to six weeks before prostate surgery. One group followed a Western diet, with 40 percent of calories from fat, with a total omega-6: omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 15:1. Another group followed a low fat diet, with 15 percent of calories from fat, and used five grams of fish oil per day from five capsules. Each capsule contained 200 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 367 mg of docosahaxaenoic acid (DHA). This group had a total ratio of omega-6: omega-3 fatty acids of 2:1. The fish oil group also had decreased prostate cancer proliferation. The study was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.
A recent study examined the link between fish and prostate cancer in over 49,000 men, and shows that high fish consumption protects against death from this cancer. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that eating fish produces a significant 63 percent reduction in prostate cancer-specific mortality.
Another new study also shows that fish oil protects against the progression of prostate cancer in elderly men.
The beneficial effects of fish oil were shown to be partly due to the omega-3 content of these oils.
The use of fish oil or fish can potentially be an effective and easy way to fight prostate cancer. Use only fish oil supplements that are certified to be free of contaminants, or fish that has high levels of omega-3 fats, such as wild Pacific Salmon.
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