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article imageGeorge Harrison's sister lives broke and alone despite his wealth

By Eric Morales     Nov 26, 2013 in Entertainment
Branson - The 82-year-old sister of George Harrison lives by herself in a prefabricated home, managing a Beatles tribute band, barely making ends meet.
George Harrison was worth $400 million when he died on November 29th, 2001 at age 58 of cancer. However, 12 years later his sister, who helped the Beatles reach stardom, lives in near poverty in Missouri.
Louise Harrison once took the Beatles records around to local disc jockeys and asked them to play them, now she manages a tribute band called the Liverpool Legends near Branson, cut off from the $2,000 a month stipend that she once received from her brother George.
A year after her brother's death, his widow Olivia cut Louise off entirely with no provocation, since then she hasn't heard from Louise or George Harrison's 35-year-old son Dhani, and hasn't received her money.
"But I don't care about the money, it's been over ten years and I haven't made any ripples," said Louise "It was my pension from him - it was his intention to make it last my lifetime. He said, 'Given my financial situation, there is no reason on earth why my sister should ever be in need. But I was never concerned about the termination of the pension, I have found a way to make a living. I don't have any blame for anyone and I was brought up as a Harrison and to be self-reliant."
With the touring season over Louise finds herself struggling to make ends meet. After her grandson fell in need of a new car, Louise had to gift a down payment for a new car.
"I am struggling for money, like everyone, but I am not on the breadline, I am not 'skint' as they would say in Britain," said Louise. "But, I feel very fortunate to own outright the land that my two homes sit on - which is better than most."
Harrison's sister is proud to own the land that her pre-fabricated home rests on out right. A far cry from the 120-room mansion worth $40 million that George Harrison left to his widow and son.
The brother and sister apparently suffered a falling out after Louise decided to convert her old home in Illinois to a Beatles themed bed and breakfast, called A Hard Day's Night.
Following her brother's death, Louise recalled the last time she spoke to her brother, and how they had reconciled.
"George was pretty frail, yet he was also still vibrant," she recalled in a 2002 interview. "His eyes were still bright. He was still George. He must have been in pain, but he didn't show it. We reminisced about our childhood, and his sense of humor was the same as ever. People always teased him about his sticky-out ears; now his oxygen tubes were hanging over them. He laughed and said: 'My ears finally came in useful for something." As their time together drew to a close, George humbly apologized to his sister. "You know, I could have been a lot more help to you; I'm sorry," he told her.
Before he died he gave Louise a hug and told her to remember to pass it on, she promised him she would.
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