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article image'Family Guy' takes bold step, kills off character [spoiler]

By Alex Allen     Nov 24, 2013 in Entertainment
Family Guy, one of FOX’s most popular Sunday night cartoons, has taken a bold step and killed off veteran character Brian Griffin.
The average person would likely not think of death and drama when thinking of the show “Family Guy.” The popular cartoon, which has been on and off of FOX’s Sunday night lineup since its original debut in 1999, is known for its adult comedy, frequent attacks on popular culture, politics, and celebrities, and of course the seemingly meaningless but often hilarious cutaway gags. They've also been a controversial topic in the media on numerous occasions over the years, most recently for making Sarah Palin's special needs daughter a love interest of one of the main characters.
But show creator Seth McFarlane and other members of the Family Guy staff have been trying to shake things up a bit recently. And their most recent shake-up was the biggest thus far. They decided to kill off veteran character Brian Griffin, the family dog who has been in every episode of the show since the pilot episode, “Death Has a Shadow.”
On the November 24th episode of the show, Brian Griffin was getting ready to play a game with Stewie, the family's baby, when he was hit by an oncoming car. He was then rushed to the veterinarian where he later died after telling the Griffin family that he loved them all.
Shortly after the show aired on the East Coast fans took to social media, bashing the show for killing off Brian. "RIP Brian Griffin" and "Can't believe Brian Griffin was just killed off Family Guy!!!" started popping up all over Twitter. Many fans even went so far as to suggest that the show should have instead killed off Meg Griffin, a character who is voiced by Mila Kunis and possibly the show's least popular character.
Now this show is a comedy and that storyline might not sound too funny. But executive producer Steve Callaghan recently spoke with E! and explained the reasoning behind the show's decision to kill off such a long-running and beloved character.
In the interview, Callaghan said that killing Brian off the show was an idea that had been pitched in the writers room and that everyone "got very excited about the way this change will affect the family dynamics and the characters."
As for choosing Brian over another character as the one to kill off the show, Callaghan explained that it seemed more "realistic" to have the dog die off as opposed to one of the children.
This is not the first time Family Guy has tried to shake things up a bit. In the 2010 episode "And Then There Were Fewer" (based on Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None") they killed off several characters, including the character of James Woods, who had been voiced by Woods himself numerous times on the show.
Family Guy is currently in the middle of its twelfth season. The show will continue on as usual despite the shocking death of Brian, with the next show on December 8th consisting of Peter and his friend Quagmire starting a singer/songwriter group.
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