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article imageOp-Ed: How ‘racist’ is your diet?

By Alexander Baron     Nov 22, 2013 in Food
Is it "racist" to say you don't like Chinese food? If it is, surely it can't be "racist" to say you do like it. — Not to some people. It really is true that some people can find racism in an egg cup, or perhaps that should be a rice bowl in this case.
If you haven't heard of Alison Gold she is very attractive - just the sort of thing a sexist would say - and she sings quite well. It has to be said though that Chinese Food is not a very good song, lyrically at any rate. All the same, it has had over 13 million page views since it was uploaded to YouTube on October 14. Currently it has been given a thumbs down by a margin of around 3 to 1.
It may be a bad song, but is it racist? Alas, yes, according to some. Others have called it controversial.
This sort of silliness knows no bounds; the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yuk!) appears to be a uniquely American phenomenon, yet last year that too was branded racist, along with all other sandwiches, apparently. After all, what about those like Somalis or Hispanics who might not eat sandwiches?
The actual sandwich is of course named after an Englishman, the Earl of Sandwich, and Chinese food is named after...?
Can anyone take this "food racism" seriously? Alas, in the world of political correctness, the search to find offence is tireless, even calling some food healthy can be construed as racist by some people.
There is though a real joker in the pack when it comes to the Chinese Food song. Alison Gold is only 12 years old; its composer is Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer Patrice Wilson, and he wrote it for a very innocuous reason: he loves Chinese food!
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