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article imageOp-Ed: Who killed JFK? They still don't want you to know

By Ruth Hull     Nov 22, 2013 in Politics
When the U.S. Government won't open up all the files and tell its citizens the truth about the assassination of one of America's most popular Presidents 50 years after his death, you have to ask what is so horrible about the truth that it cannot be told.
On November 22, 1963, was the U. S. of A. the recipient of a coup d' etat? Why are 1100 of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination records still under wraps - hidden away from public view? This secrecy is in violation of the 1992 John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act. Is the truth so damaging that it had to be locked away - suppressed? Why? What does the government expect us to do if we find out the truth? I am not espousing a theory but simply asking questions about why the secrecy.
This article will not get into John Fitzgerald Kennedy's plans to quickly bring about an end to the Vietnam War, disband the CIA and terminate the use of the Federal Reserve for printing money. It will not discuss any executive orders Kennedy may have issued that may or may not have been retracted by his successor or by a staff member who may or may not have gone on to work for the Ford Foundation (which may or may not be a known CIA front). You can refer to other articles on the subject. You might even check out what Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have to say about ending the Federal Reserve. That is not what this article is inquiring about.
Why was Former California Governor and U.S. S.C. Chief Justice Earl Warren forced to go along with a cover-up, refusing until threatened by LBJ with nuclear war with the Soviet Union? He was considered one of the most honorable men in history. Why would he go along with a BS report that lied?
Where is Kennedy's brain? What secrets does it tell?
Whether you like the innuendos in Oliver Stone's JFK movie or not, it points out some important truths, such as the fact that it would have been physically impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have shot such effective bullets through a tree with the one of the most inaccurate rifles ever made. Some well-researched books on the subject include, Cross-fire by Jim Marrs, Last Word by Mark Lane, and A Farewell to Justice by Joan Mellen.
Watch the JFK movie, which has been downplayed by a corporate media which did nothing to expose the truth about the assassination. I personally do not agree with some of the speculation about Lyndon Banes Johnson (though I'm willing to be wrong) but the movie does bring out some important facts and I prefer facts to CIA-sponsored put-downs of a fact-based docu-drama.
No look at the JFK assassination would be complete without a look at a video that's not likely to win any video awards. I wasn't even impressed with the vocal quality of the narration. But the facts and arrows in JFK II put the JFK assassination in a new light. Much of his information can be acquired from reading books from the LATE Molly Ivans and LATE Jim Hatfield but his sources appear to be much stronger than their biographical accounts of a former President. I'm not endorsing this video but simply am interested in the opinion of viewers. It's better to look at all the information than to let the corporate media, the uninformed and political machines filter what you watch and read.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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