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article imageSweden: 4 men denied drinks in bar for being unusually pleasant

By Anne Sewell     Nov 22, 2013 in Odd News
Stockholm - Four men visited a Stockholm pub recently and were refused drinks. They told police that it was due to their skin color, but the bartender says otherwise. They were actually refused drinks for being "unusually pleasant."
Yes, you've heard it, they were being just too darn nice.
The four foreigners entered a restaurant on Saint Eric Street in Stockholm back in September this year and ordered non-alcoholic drinks. However, both the bartender and waiters in the pub refused them service.
According to the guests, they were completely sober. Police were apparently called to the scene, who confirmed that they were, indeed, sober as a judge. Other guests at the bar also said that none of them were drunk or disorderly in any manner.
However, according to Sweden language media, who reported on the story recently, one waiter told the police that the men were acting so nicely, they just had to be high on drugs.
According to the waiter, "One of the men began waving with his arms" as if he knew the staff members. "[He] said 'Hello my friend, is all well with you?'"
The head bartender stressed that he refused them drinks because they were so "unusually pleasant" and that this must be a ruse to conceal that they are on drugs.
The four men still, however, insist they they were refused service due to racial discrimination, as they all have black skin.
However, the restaurant continues to deny this, and a police investigation has apparently been launched into the matter.
While the name of the restaurant has not been reported, it is probably a good bet not to be too pleasant when drinking in Stockholm in the future.
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