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article imageAntonio Banderas: Chávez's policies will solve economic crisis

By Anne Sewell     Nov 21, 2013 in World
Popular Spanish actor and film star Antonio Banderas was interviewed by CNN recently and he shocked everyone by criticizing US President Barack Obama, and praising the economic policies of Hugo Chávez, the late Venezuelan president.
Spanish journalist Ana Pastor of CNN en Español (who used to work for TV Spain, but was apparently fired some time ago) was running the interview on her program "Face to Face." As part of the interview, Pastor asked Banderas several questions about the current economic crisis and any possible solutions to fix it.
To her surprise, the star, who is a Málaga native, directly blamed “the markets, the lobbies, the big corporations” for the current crisis, suggesting that they didn't have to take responsibilitity for the problems of countries and governments.
To be exact, Banderas said:
“You get the sensation that perhaps we are not being governed by the people we voted for.”
“The markets, the lobbies, corporations - there’s a lot of pull there and people who don’t have to show their face to take responsibility for things that happen afterwards in the governments or in countries.”
Pastor asked, “How can you get out of this inertia? How can you overcome it?”
To which Banderas replied:
“You can break this cycle as Chávez broke it in his moment. Huh ... you say that this is finished and now I am going to get hold of all these corporations and nationalize them! Of course! But is there another way out of this? And in a time when we have to ask ourselves that, we are perhaps living in a post-democratic era.”
This statement was met with a deafening silence as he added, “There is no other way out.”
Banderas went on to criticize US President Barack Obama for failing to fulfill his promises during his two terms in office, and for the fact that Obama caved in to the pressure of the financial markets and big business.
Ana Pastor of CNN en Español interviews Antonio Banderas
Ana Pastor of CNN en Español interviews Antonio Banderas
He addressed the President Obama issue as follows:
“You listen to Obama when he was campaigning for his first and even his second term and people were saying: 'Things are going to change.' Not so because he was going to clash with reality, with the reality of what they are going to tell him. “This, sir, you cannot do!”
For those who speak Spanish, the interview is included below:
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