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article imageOp-Ed: Creationist group tries again to discredit science organization

By Dan Arel     Nov 20, 2013 in Science
Once again, the pseudo-scientific outfit known as the Discovery Institute is attempting to attack evolution and anyone who fights for science education.
This week, reporting through their faux news blog laughably entitled Evolution News, they lampoon Dr Eugenie Scott, the exiting director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and her soon to be replacement, microbiologist Dr Ann Reid.
Unable to fight NCSE with facts and scientific data, they have once again turned to ad hominem attacks on the director and the scientists involved. Calling Dr Scott a liar and claiming the NCSE is a “science-denial group” the Discovery Institute shows that when your beliefs will not stand the test of science and reason, you can always turn to school ground antics and throw mud and name call.
The Discovery Institute claims that Scott has been lying when making the claim that evolution is an uncontested theory, yet they ignore the fact that this is in fact a true statement. In the scientific community, evolution is uncontested.
They also ignore the simple fact that creationism or intelligent design are not contenders against Darwin’s theory, as they are not based in any form of science and are only based in mythology and religious folklore.
Passing off pseudo-scientific religious belief as a contender against the most accepted scientific theory in the world is a blatant attempt to pander to their religious audience and appear as though they are making any progress in their fight to end the teaching of evolution in public schools around the United States.
Dr Scott has led the NCSE to many victories and under the new direction of Dr Reid, more victories for science education are due to come.
Scientific education is one of the most fundamental stepping stones to an innovative and prosperous society and groups like the Discovery Institute would undo all scientific innovation in the name of protecting their personally held beliefs.
The United States is lucky to have an organization like NCSE and should be proud of the work done by Dr Scott and should be thankful someone as qualified as Dr Reid has agreed to take her place.
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