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article imageOp-Ed: France and California face increasing competition for fine wines

By Robert G Cope     Nov 19, 2013 in Food
For decades fine wine awards have been dominated by France and California. That is changing. Since 2003 -- continued in 2013 -- newer regions take top awards in this international competition.
Claiming the largest circulation for its kind on earth, Wine Spectator, a magazine for wine buffs, has -- this week -- reported for 2013 the 'most exciting' wines. This is the twenty-fifth year, since 1988. Thousands of wines worldwide are blind-taste-tested.
The round-up of Top -100 wines for 2013 continues a trend first noted in 2003 when French, Italian and Californian wines did not, for the first time, dominate all the Top - 10 ranks.
A Spanish wine topped the ranks for 2013, followed by three French and three Napa Valley vintages; an Italian barolo and wines from Washington State and Oregon completed the Top - 10.
Assessing shifting regional vintage quality worldwide is hardly an exact science nor has it been fast changing. Yet, even in the still new century, regional leadership has changed markedly.
Eight newcomers have entered the fray since 2003: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Portugal and Spain, plus the states of Oregon and Washington.
A notable increase in the price-per-bottle change occurred this year with six of the top - 10 priced at over $100, yet the least costly among the ten took first place, at $63.
And now, in the faster changing viticulture, as reported from London by Digital Journal correspondent, Rob Edens, the Australians, who first offered wine in bag and box, have now introduced wine in a can.
Note: The December 31st issue of Wine Spectator will focus on – as the editors say, “The 100 Most Exciting Wines of 2013.”
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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