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article imageClimbTech extends 'Legacy' with new, environmentally safe product Special

By Cadie Carroll     Nov 18, 2013 in Environment
For more than a decade, ClimbTech has maintained its position as a leader in the recreational climbing, fall protection and rope-access equipment manufacturing industries. The principle ingredient in this successful formula has been creativity.
Take for example the company’s newest product, the Legacy Bolt. The four-inch stainless steel sleeve-style bolt is fully removable and reusable, and since the same bolt hole can be used for several re-boltings, it will help reduce the number of holes in the climbing surface.
“That’s the innovative part about it,” ClimbTech CEO Roberto Fiebig told the Digital Journal. “When you think about a normal sleeve anchor that you would put into rock or concrete – when it deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced, the old sleeve is left in there and cannot be removed. Since the metal part on the Legacy Bolt can be completely removed, the hole can be reused and you’re not leaving that metal in the hole.”
ClimbTech s Legacy Bolt
ClimbTech's Legacy Bolt
In addition to being safer and sturdier, the Legacy Bolt is revolutionary for the recreational climbing community as the ability to re-bolt will help preserve climbing routes for many years to come.
“There was this recurring theme of climbing coalitions and rock climbers seeking something that was fully reusable and removable, something better for the climbing surfaces,” Fiebig said. “There was nothing like it available. Once we were able to get a prototype that we felt met that need, we got the patent and started opening it up to the public.”
For many of ClimbTech’s products, recreational climbers get the first cut at the product. They enjoy the benefit and also provide meaningful and important feedback to the ClimbTech team.
That feedback is incorporated into the next version of the product, which is launched into the industrial sector, where it can introduce new efficiencies for fall protection and rope-access professionals, such as the following:
There are some regulations that prohibit professionals from leaving metal bolts in concrete structures while performing tasks like construction, maintenance or inspections. That rule sometimes means using a jackhammer or other disruptive measures to retrieve the metal bolts left in the walls.
“You’re saving a tremendous amount of effort in not having to remove the metal sleeve from the rock or the concrete,” Fiebig said.
Not only is that removal process time-consuming, but it increases stress in the concrete structure. The removable, reusable Legacy Bolt will eliminate all of that.
“For people that are in the industry and know, essentially, what the product application is, the unanimous reaction is their jaw literally dropping to the floor,” Fiebig said. “Again, it seems very simple but it’s something that’s highly, highly innovative and when people see the whole thing comes out without a hitch, they just wonder how it was possible to do that.”
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