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Op-Ed: Italian students protest austerity in several cities

By Ken Hanly     Nov 17, 2013 in Politics
Rome - Students concerned about cutbacks to the Italian education budget precipitated a student strike across Italy. There were demonstrations in Rome but also in the north in Turin and Palermo in the south.
The Italian students demanded greater investment in education and opposed cutbacks in the 2014 budget. Not only Italy experienced protests as students demonstrated throughout Europe including Bulgaria where students demanded the government resign because of corruption. Riot police had to drive students back as they tried to surround parliament. In Sweden also students demonstrated against what they believe is a form of privatization of higher education. In Greece, strikes by administrative staff have closed the two largest universities for over two months now.
Photos of the Italian protests can be found at the Telegraph. A video of the protest from RT is below:
Protesters clashed with police in several cities including the capital Rome. A protester told euronews: “Today we launched a real symbolic ultimatum to the government to listen to what we’re asking for: the problems of education have not been addressed. School buildings need billions and billions of euro to be secure".Even though the Italian government has already passed a number of austerity measures, the European Commission warned that Italy's draft budget still may not comply with new debt and deficit rules.
The Italian government is under pressure from creditors to cut its spending even further and the parliaments is considering a euphemistically named "stability law" that will cut public services significantly. Along with cuts to the education budget made by the government the students are complaining about high tuition fees.
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