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article imageVideo: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford parodied on Saturday Night Live

By Arthur Weinreb     Nov 17, 2013 in Entertainment
Saturday Night Live used its opening of last night's show to mock Toronto's embattled mayor. To many people, the sketch did not go over well.
Last night's episode of SNL began with Ford, played by Bobby Moynihan, being interviewed by a CBC reporter in Toronto. Ford's biggest complaint is that recent photos taken of him are unflattering.
Most of the sketch consists of the CBC host pointing out things the mayor has done and Ford then saying he has apologized. The host then airs a clip of Ford apologizing and doing something else absolutely absurd. When this is shown to the mayor he says he apologized for that as well and a further apology is shown. At one point Ford is speaking at the podium when he is approached by a black man and the two disappear underneath the podium, presumably to do a drug deal.
At one point the CBC host tells Ford he doesn't believe him and he should really go on a show where he will be believed. Ford gets excited and the spoof ends with Ford appearing on 60 Minutes, where he denies taking drugs and drinking and Lara Logan, played by Kate McKinnon, says, "I believe you." Logan describes Ford as a patriot, hero and role model.
Logan was forced to apologize for an inaccurate 60 Minutes report on the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi in September, 2012. She believed an unreliable source.
Judging by the reaction to the sketch, while some people enjoyed it, others were not impressed. Writing for QMI Agency, Marianne Dowling described Ford sitting down with a CBC reporter as "like THAT would ever happen."
Others complained Moynihan spoke with a Canadian accent. Saying "eh" and "aboot" is something the Toronto mayor cannot be accused of.
Another criticism was it simply wasn't funny. While some Torontonians do not see anything funny about what is happening in Canada's largest city, others criticized the sketch because it was not a good parody. Someone like Moynihan cannot properly make fun of Ford when Ford is actually funnier than he is.
The Ford saga resumes Monday when city council will debate a motion to reduce the mayor's budget to that of a councillor and transfer the excess funds to the deputy mayor. Ford has retained prominent municipal lawyer George Rust-D'Eye who may seek an injunction to prevent the vote.
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