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article imageSteve Grant films music video in midst of protest at White House Special

By Justin King     Nov 13, 2013 in Entertainment
Washington - Steve Grant, musician and activist, took advantage of the recent Million Mask March in Washington, DC to film a music video for his song "The Seventh Seal" during the protest.
Steve Grant, who also spoke at the event, used the nation’s capital for a background as his crew filmed the March and protest, following the demonstration as it shut down Pennsylvania Avenue. It should be noted that everyone in the video was there to take part in the protest. The men in suits are United States Secret Service or plainclothes law enforcement.
Grant discussed his new video, music, and notoriety within the Anonymous collective with Digital Journal.
The Interview
This was filmed at the Million Mask March in DC. What did you think of the event?
Complete game changer on multiple levels. I was pulsing with energy all day. I felt like I was a little kid playing in a giant Anonymous theme park. There was a definite intensity in the air. However, there was also an overwhelming feeling of love and unity. I was meeting so many beautiful intelligent people all over the place. An impact was made on the city; an impact was made on ourselves. That was my first time in Washington, and I will say there is nothing like going sightseeing through the city with a whole army of Anons.
How did it feel to basically own the streets of the nation’s capital for a day?
Whose streets? Our streets! [A chant repeated while the March shut down the city] Dopamine was gushing in my brain! I was so high off the energy from my brothers and sisters. We moved through the city like one organism.
What made you decide to film a music video during the event?
Didn’t come to me until just days before the event. It was meant to be. I thought how insanely epic would that be to pull it off and when ideas like that come to me, I don’t question them. I just do them. And the only reason I do that is because every time I take a risk like that it has brought much success for myself and others around me. This was a lot different than “Greetings Citizens” at the March for Monsanto Miami. This was serious. This was the White House in Washington, DC. This was like looking up at the next Titan I have to take down. Also knowing, of course, there would be zero news coverage on our event, so I wanted to give Anonymous and the Million Mask March as much exposure as possible by capturing it in my music video and blasting it to the world along with the peaceful, nonviolent message.
Steve Grant while filming a music video in Washington  DC.
Steve Grant while filming a music video in Washington, DC.
Were there any technical problems filming in such a large crowd?
Surprisingly, no, and I don’t think anyone had any idea we were gonna do it, which is why a lot of the footage is real time action. That in itself adds more realness to the music and the video. Everybody was vibin, we were going nuts. Stephen Caputo is an animal machine. The chemistry of our focus is so intense, we black out and just start busting [] out. We assist each other in everything and we always make sure each other is comfortable. He makes it so easy for me to do what I have to do. I love him like a blood brother, and there would be no Steve Grant without him. And if there was any technical problem on Caputo’s end, I wouldn’t even know about it because he’s a beast and he will just handle it in a way to where everything is still smooth and you won’t even know he did anything.
What is the message behind The Seventh Seal?
The title and song “The Seventh Seal” was inspired by my amazing sister, the most beautifully talented, Courtney Driver. We met through the Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere video contest. We’ve been supporting each other since. She reached out to me and Caputo for a project she was working on. It was a docu/movie called The Seventh Seal. Unfortunately, I can’t get as deep and detailed into it as Courtney could. However, in a nutshell it’s like a Biblical metaphor mixed with the new awakening of the end times and the coming revolution. She gave me her vision and idea for the song and I just totally ran with it and put my Steve Grant/Anonymous spin on it.
So I’m super thankful she reached out to me, or else this would have never happened. The song was directed by my brothers and sisters. It was meant to inspire and influence them during this time of revolution. I also wanted them to see how much I really, really love them. They see what I’m doing, and they hear what I’m saying, and they show me love for it. It’s that love that drives me to do this.
Your music definitely resonates with the crowd. How does it feel getting a bit of the celebrity treatment at events like that?
With me, the celeb status thing is just a cherry on top because I’m not doing any of this for fame. I actually really like using it as a platform to get out other people’s voices and information. “Steve Grant” and I say that in quotes, has become its own resource for Anons to affiliate themselves with other Anons. And what’s truly amazing and something that I’m very proud of is people that support me and love my music are not just ordinary music listeners. These are brilliant minded people, very well-educated, and awake in these times. When I connect with people through my music, they become part of the family network. Just like I did.
The power Anonymous wields is undoubtedly growing and becoming a real resistance to the status quo. Some would say you are a de facto leader in that leaderless resistance. Do you consider yourself a leader?
I am a leader, with or without the mask. But I am absolutely not a leader of Anonymous. No one is. I follow my heart, and I listen to the people.
What’s next for you?
Honestly, that’s why I love this so much. Because I’m rolling with the Flow of the Movement and I let it guide me on what to do next. One thing that I most certainly will be doing is getting my nutritionist certification. Once acquired, I will be offering free nutritional consultations to my brothers and sisters online. I do have a lot of things in the works right now though; a non-profit organization, more music, more shows, more schools, more collab[oration]s, more Ops. Open your mind; its growing strong and gathering a lot of respect and support. I can’t tell you everything or else there won’t be any surprises!
I’ve heard rumors about some kind of Anonymous-backed Woodstock-style music festival being talked about. Any truth to that?
If you build it, they will come. I’ll be there. What’s up, Fairhurst!
What do you have to say to your fans, and to those that have never heard of you?
I love you all. Everything I do, I do it for you! When you support me, you support yourself.
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