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article imageThe March Against the Mainstream Media Special

By Justin King     Nov 13, 2013 in Politics
The March Against the Mainstream Media will be a coordinated protest involving 64 events in 4 countries on November 16th. Activists hope to draw attention to lack of alternative sources for news and information.
The protests will be held outside locations owned by major media networks and will be coordinated with online protests of the companies’ social media outlets. Radio show host, blogger, and organizer with the March, Andrew V. Pontbriand, took the time to fully explain the protest, its roots, and goals.
The March Against the Mainstream Media is the latest in a string of multi-location demonstrations organized via social media networks. A Facebook search reveals hundreds of event pages, fan pages, and groups related to this weekend’s protest.
The interview:
So what is the March Against the Mainstream Media all about?
The March Against the Mainstream Media is about exposing the corporate owned media and their agenda of protecting the interests of the financiers that have sold America out. The mainstream media controls the television news, and therefore controls the national narrative. However, there are only 6 corporations that own 90% of all major media. We need to raise awareness to mainstream viewers that there is an alternative to the repetition, fear mongering, lies, and pointless stories the media runs in order to keep the American people at odds with a positive change. The March Against the Mainstream Media serves as a call to fellow Americans, Canadians, and the rest of the world, that information is a weapon, its being used against you, yet there are hundreds of news sources that exist outside the realm of channels 2-10; known as the Alternative Media.
What is your position in association with it?
My position with the march is an Organizer and Media Outlet through and my radio show and blog, The Resistance Journals.
What do you hope to accomplish with the March?
There are a few specific items I wish to accomplish, and the first of course is to organize a peaceful march, which I am confident in saying I think this has been done. The second is to reach viewers in the "left-right" paradigm, who are still unaware that the Alternative media even exists. If we can get even a few thousand more people in each state turning away from the MSM, we scored a huge victory for freedom of information, and the truth as it is.
Do you have a count on how many locations this will be occurring in?
A screen capture of search results about the March Against the Mainstream Media.
A screen capture of search results about the March Against the Mainstream Media.
Right now we have established 64 events that have all been organized, in 4 different countries. That number is steadily increasing by the day.
What outlets for news do you recommend people get their information from?
There are several outlets that I would recommend, however given people have preference, it is up to the viewer to ultimately decided whether the information presented it accurate and reliable or not. If I would recommend a few, I would say RT, Media Roots, Intellihub, The Resistance Journals, The Liberty Beat, Democracy Now!, The Anti-Media, Natural News, and many, many more. A good place to find news would also be The Drudge Report, although this is an aggregate website.
Are there any particular stories you believe the mainstream media should be covering, that they aren’t?
The number of stories the MSM ignores, and should be covering number in the hundreds, or thousands. The first that come to mind instantly are the disaster at Fukushima. Although I myself am no expert on Fukushima, I am here to tell you this is potentially the worst disaster in modern times, and if it is not controlled soon, the United States will be feeling the effects, as it already is. Also, the MSM is supposed to give "fair and just" news, yet to this day it continues to prop up the private Federal Reserve by reporting on the news of the stock market, the fraudulent jobs numbers, housing market, and unemployment rate. The MSM lies everyday about these sorts of numbers, all in an effort and in consort with the money changers who control the Media. If the average American understood how our money actually worked, along with the mechanics of fractional reserve banking, I’m sure there would be a revolution over night.
Is this March linked to any larger organizations or activist groups?
I cannot speak for groups or organizations, all I can tell you is the March itself was organized by a team of individuals who worked very hard in reaching out to people who may be involved in groups. Since people on the left, right, and middle can all agree the media is a propaganda machine, we can expect to see a number of organizations attend these marches.
Is there anything in particular you would like to tell the readers about the March or the cause?
If I had a message for the readers about the cause of the march, it would simply be to turn off the television. Now, I’m not advocating you sit in front of a computer screen either. However, the internet gives the user an opportunity to make their own decision, check facts, and find information that would never have been presented by the Alphabet News Organizations. The television thinks for you, the internet allows you to make the decisions.
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