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article imageNorthampton woman pens thank-you letter to burglars

By Eileen Kersey     Nov 13, 2013 in Odd News
Northampton - Brits are traditionally known for their "good manners". News that one woman has written a thank you letter to burglars who broke into her house, apologising for not having particularly expensive taste, may seem a step too far, until you read the note.
The Northampton home of Kate Barrett, 36, and her partner, Dan Owens, 34, was burgled Sunday. Thieves smashed their way into the couples' home but Kate was not fazed. Instead she wrote a hand-written thank-you letter to the thieves and pinned it on to the back door of her home.
According to BBC news the letter read:
Dear Burglars,
Thanks for popping by the other night and we're sorry we didn't have more for you to take.
As you now know, we don't have particularly expensive tastes so there's no need to come in again, unless you would like to take my collection of VHS videos and cassettes - Dan is very disappointed you didn't take these first time round.
If you would like them just knock on the front door and ask - no need to break another patio door as it's dreadfully hard work cleaning up all the glass.
Thanks for all the finger prints - we really appreciated those.
Lots of love
Kate and Dan xxx
Since news of the robbery, and subsequent thank-you letter, went public Kate has become a bit of an online sensation.
A letter to burglars!
A letter to burglars!
Kate Barrett
Kate, who works as a communications officer, admitted that writing the note felt good. In fact it cheered her up. Ms Barrett told the Metro "You’ve got to keep your sense of humour when something like this happens. We’re fine, I’m just glad they burgled us instead of an elderly couple or someone vulnerable.’"
One of Kate's tweets read:
Kate Barrett @katebarrettuk -- BREAKING NEWS! The rotters clearly like to keep their hair sleek+shiny - @ghd straighteners have been stolen. #Burgled #ThingsTheyDidSteal
She also added:
Kate Barrett @katebarrettuk -- Upside of burglary: clear out stuff you'd forgotten about until baddies threw stuff everywhere #ThingsTheyDidntSteal
Even so Kate was understandably shaken when she arrived home and saw that her home had been ransacked. Kate posted an image on Twitter of one ransacked room asking "where do you start to clean a ransacked room? #burgled".
According to the Huffington Post UK, partner Dan said that there was not much of value to take other than a camera, some cash and an ipod. He added:
"I think they were planning to go out through front door with the telly, but luckily the spare key doesn't work. "She's [Kate] a big hoarder and has all these old tapes and videos from way back when and they are welcome to those."
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