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article imageRob Ford documents reveal further drug, alcohol abuse

By Andrew Moran     Nov 13, 2013 in Politics
Toronto - One week after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told the entire city that he has nothing left to hide, Justice Ian Nordheimer ordered the release of some blacked-out portions of documents. The information depicts the mayor as an alcoholic and avid cocaine user.
During Wednesday’s contentious city council meeting that has had tempers flaring and one incident of Mayor Ford allegedly physically intimidating potential 2014 mayoral candidate and Councillor Denzil Minnan-Won, media lawyer Iain MacKinnon has now seen redacted sections that have been ordered by a Superior Court Judge to be opened, according to the Toronto Sun.
The information could be released to the general public sometime this week.
Much of the redacted information consists of police interviews with former staffers, including ex-press secretary George Christopoulos, ex-chief of staff Mark Towhey and aide David Price. It also includes bombshell details of alleged excessive drug, booze and prostitution usage by the chief magistrate.
Mark Towhey (far right) attempting to lead Mayor Rob Ford from a busy crowd.
Mark Towhey (far right) attempting to lead Mayor Rob Ford from a busy crowd.
Mackinnon explained that two staffers confronted Christopoulos over concerns of Ford’s consumption of alcohol and prescription drugs. There were even suggestions that the mayor has had incidents of drinking and driving.
Essentially, the Mayor’s Office was in consensus that Ford had issues with alcohol and/or prescription drugs. However, the documents say that Towhey was fired because he attempted to offer Ford advice that the mayor refused to acknowledge. Christopoulos, meanwhile, submitted his resignation because he felt Ford is not able of taking guidance and is untrustworthy.
This is just the beginning, though. The biggest revelations occurred on the evening of Mar. 17, 2012.
Isaac Ransom, a former special assistant of communications, was asked to come to city hall at around 9 p.m. on that date. At this time, Ransom discovered Ford with several individuals, including one woman that might have been a prostitute. According to documents, the mayor had consumed half of a 40 oz. bottle of vodka and rambled on about how he was going to drink and have sexual intercourse.
Later that night, Ford traveled to the Bier Market, despite objections by Ransom, who tried his hardest to urge Ford not to go – he did get Ford to refrain from smoking marijuana inside of the Mayor’s Office and told investigators that he has never smoked cocaine. Other accounts say otherwise.
A Bier Market waiter told police that he saw Ford and a woman inside of a private room with their heads down, trying to cover what they were doing and then heard the sounds of two sniffs. The gentleman was informed by a Ford staffer not to tell anyone this story.
A crowd swarming Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at the Scarborough Town Centre during his Cut The Waist Chal...
A crowd swarming Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at the Scarborough Town Centre during his Cut The Waist Challenge community walk.
The waiter later got into trouble by management for telling patrons that he saw the mayor consume cocaine and the manager told investigators that he never saw any of the aforementioned. However, a bartender said that he did see Ford quite intoxicated, while a DJ had taken photographs of the mayor in an inebriated state.
The documents say there were up to five people, including some women who didn’t appear to be staffers.
Following this incident, the mayor rushed to the dance floor and pushed several people aside.
After his visit to the Bier Market, Ford headed back to city hall and had confrontations with two staffers: Earl Provost and Brooks Barnett. The reason for the mayor shoving the two staffers was because he was upset over his staff members urging him to go home.
Provost, who remains in Ford’s administration, took Ford home in a cab, but when they got there the mayor got into his car and drove off.
Other elements of the documents show that Ford’s staff witnessed some women go to the Mayor’s Office claiming they were offered jobs by the mayor after smoking pot outside of bars with him.
Both Towhey and staffer Chris Fickel told investigators that he believes Ford is an alcoholic. Both men even experienced Ford taking a mickey of alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of his vehicle.
Council meeting
In the afternoon session of Wednesday’s council meeting, Ford admitted that he bought illegal drugs since taking office, which he concedes that he “f---ed up.” The mayor apologized several times but noted that he has saved taxpayers’ money and reaffirmed that he will continue doing so without missing a meeting and putting through the next budget.
Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong speaks with reporters during a media scrum in the council gallery at a...
Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong speaks with reporters during a media scrum in the council gallery at a special city council meeting on transit.
He even introduced a motion that would require members of council to undergo a drug test.
By the end of his remarks to the council floor, Ford said that the election campaign has already begun and he will be moving on despite what the rest of city council does. This brief statement garnered some applause throughout the council chamber.
TTC Chair Karen Stintz and former City Councillor David Soknacki have already confirmed that they will be running for mayor in 2014. Other potential candidates include New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Olivia Chow, former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory and now even Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who said he is “seriously considering” it.
“I haven’t made any final decisions and I have no announcements to make today, but there are a number of individuals who have also said that they're interested,” the Ward 34 Don Valley East councillor told CP24.
Before taking a five-minute recess and taking on city business, council voted 37 to 5 five to urge Mayor Ford to take a temporary leave of absence.
Santa Claus Parade
Mayor Rob Ford with his office staff handing out candy during the 108th annual Santa Claus Parade co...
Mayor Rob Ford with his office staff handing out candy during the 108th annual Santa Claus Parade comes to Toronto with floats, clowns, spectacles, cheers and laughter.
On Sunday, the Toronto Santa Claus Parade takes place, but the event organizations do not want the mayor to take part and walk the route. Instead, they would like Ford to be a spectator during the parade.
Here is the letter from parade co-chairman Ron Barbaro that was made public Wednesday:
“Due to recent events in the mayor’s life, there was a decision made that he would not walk the parade, but would be a spectator watching the parade with his family,” Barbaro wrote to Provost. “However, last night the mayor announced that he has changed his mind and will now walk ahead of the Parade. We are appealing to the mayor, as a parent, to reconsider this decision. We are asking him to go back to the original decision.”
Ford has yet to respond to the letter.
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