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Op-Ed: Feminism in China

By Alexander Baron     Nov 13, 2013 in Lifestyle
In the West, feminism has the reputation of being somewhat bellicose. In China, they do things differently, so differently that Chinese feminism is an entirely different doctrine.
What's in a name? Some would argue there is little or nothing feminine about an ideology that demonises men and seeks to push women into positions of power and influence regardless of aptitude, ability or desire.
On the other hand, Chinese women have long been admired not only for their beauty but for their - let's be diplomatic about this - sweet nature.
Although the rising superpower is now committed to capitalism, the government maintains a strong hold over social policy and many other fields. This government is overwhelmingly male, and while it is doing its best to educate and train women for positions of authority, it is clearly not prepared to set quotas and the like.
The largest women's organisation in China is the All-China Women's Federation; founded in 1949, it holds a distinctly non-radical view of the fair sex.
As is well known, China has operated a one child per family policy since the 1970s, and enforces it in a number of ways. Whatever the morality of this practice, it has led to a dramatic imbalance between the sexes. For whatever reason, families prefer sons to daughters, so one would assume this would lead to young women being able to shop around for a mate. Curiously though, it is the eligible women who are becoming "leftover". This article goes some way towards explaining why.
"Pretty girls do not need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family. But girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult" - hmm, that sounds like something Confucius himself might have said.
Here is Hong Kong Chinese literary woman Xu Xi asking what is feminism for? And here is YouTube pundit Chris Chappell of China Uncensored explaining the viewpoint of the All-China Women's Federation. While Julia Long and her fellow travellers will foam at the mouth when they hear about this, it has to be said that from the point of view of the average, red-blooded heterosexual male, when it comes to feminism, the Chinese way ain't so bad!
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